enterprise State roaming

Office 365 Enterprise State Roaming

Enterprise State Roaming is a feature of Azure AD Premium (which is now included in Office 365 Business) which enables the user to roam their settings using the cloud instead of OnPrem Roaming Profiles between Windows 10 Devices

A screenshot below on a Windows 10 shows how you can control this : 

  • Theme, which includes features such as desktop theme and taskbar settings.
  • Internet Explorer settings, including recently opened tabs and favorites.
  • Edge browser settings, such as favorites and reading list.
  • Passwords, including Internet passwords, Wi-Fi profiles, and others.
  • Language preferences, which includes settings for keyboard layouts, system language, date and time, and more.
  • Ease of access features, such as high-contrast theme, Narrator, and Magnifier.
  • Other Windows settings, such as command prompt settings and application list.

Application data ( %AppData% ) Universal Windows apps can write settings data to a roaming folder, and any data written to this folder will automatically be synced. It’s up to the individual app developer to design an app to take advantage of this capability.